Splash-n-Dash, Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park by Gavin…

Splash-n-Dash, Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park by Gavin Hardcastle – Fototripper I thought I’d post this to make a point.

It’s completely impossible to create a shot like this without compositing two or more images that were shot at completely different times and locations.

I’ve noticed a lot of ‘top photographers’ are using this technique to produce ‘fakes’. I don’t have a problem with that.

What I have a problem with is the photographers who pass off their fakes as the real deal. Sometimes they’ll even provide bogus stories that explain how they got the shot.

It’s complete claptrap.

I can take one look at a photo like this and I can see where the seams are.

Like I said, I have no issue with compositing multiple images to create a beautiful piece or art, but don’t pretend it’s real by providing a nonsense backstory.

If anyone want’s to straight out ask me if any one of my images was made by compositing I’ll gladly divulge.

I’d also be happy to put together a video tutorial explaining how I processed this image to make the composite if I get a lot of requests. And I mean a lot.

Enjoy and please share.
Gavin Hardcastle
www.fototripper.com http://flic.kr/p/xHWUkQ August 30, 2015 at 11:07PM


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