Blue and Brown Clipper / Parthenos sylvia by annkelliott This…

Blue and Brown Clipper / Parthenos sylvia by annkelliott This photo was taken on 8 September 2015. In the morning, I joined a group of friends for a three-hour stroll at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. 38 bird species were seen, though I didn’t manage to see any of the tiny, fast-moving Warblers. It was good to see 28 Wood Ducks, but they were far, far away, in an area that is still closed due to devastating flood damage. The Sanctuary had been closed for about two years for this reason and only very recently re-opened just a part of the area.

The Calgary Zoo is very close to the Sanctuary so, after our morning walk, I decided to call in there. I hadn’t been for about a year and I really missed going there. Of course, many of the garden flowers were past their prime, but I did find a few that were fit to photograph.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk far, having already been walking all morning, but I really wanted to get to the ENMAX Conservatory to see what was going on. I had been longing all summer to see the tropical butterflies and plants. The butterfly season will be coming to an end (or maybe already finished?) for these tropical beauties, but there were still plenty of them to be seen. Also, this month, the parking lot that I use will close for the winter and I don’t like the drive back home from the north parking area, using Deerfoot Trail, so tend not to go to the Zoo all winter.

The Clipper butterfly (Parthenos sylvia) from southeast Asia, comes in two color forms: the blue form, native to Malaysia, and this brown form, from the Philippines. These are fast-flying butterflies that like to perch with their wings open and bask in the sunshine. I have added a previously posted photo of the Malaysian blue form in a comment box below, for comparison.

There was so much activity going on at the Zoo on this most recent visit. People everywhere, carrying large animals wrapped in white, protective coverings, preparing for ILLUMINASIA, Lantern & Garden Festival. Each animal is an individual lantern and there are so many of them. I noticed that several of the real animals in their enclosures were watching all the unaccustomed activity, which made me smile.

A good day, despite the overcast sky, and plenty of photo opportunities. Recently, I have been finding far fewer things to photograph, with fall on its way, so a day like this was more than welcome. September 19, 2015 at 09:01PM


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